Why I love Good Food Karma

Most of us are aware that nutrition is important for our health. We’re bombarded with stories in the media about how much fatter we are getting, how modern diets are slowly killing us, along with compelling advice for the latest fad diet, weight loss secret or superfood that we must eat. Yet amongst all this [...]

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The Toasted Muesli Market

I love nothing better than a bowl of muesli with fresh fruit, natural yoghurt and milk. It’s quick to throw together and fills me up until lunchtime, so I’m not tempted to snack mid morning while I drink my coffee. Freedom Foods have launched their new Toasted Vanilla Muesli into their range, so I wanted [...]

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Comparing Breakfast Options

By Guest Dietitian, Dr Joanna McMillan I don’t actually agree with the old adage “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.  All your meals are important! Ultimately the important thing is to get the nutrients your body needs into you when required, while delivering the appropriate amount of kilojoules to match your energy [...]

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Guide to an Awesome Lunchbox

By Guest Dietitian, Dr Joanna McMillan If you are a parent like me the return to school for the kids also means the daily lunchbox dilemma is upon us again. What can we put in their lunchboxes that will keep them happy while also ticking the nutrition boxes to support their growth and development? To [...]

Best Seasonal Produce Right Now

I’m all for buying what’s in season. It’s more cost effective, it’s how humans have always eaten and it gives us variety instead of eating the same old thing all year round. So let’s take a look at my top picks for what’s in season right now. Blood Oranges This gorgeous dark red-fleshed variety of [...]

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A Family Friendly Guide to Packing Food for a Road Trip

By Guest Dietitian, Dr Joanna McMillan Aside from “Are we there yet?” my kids’ favourite thing to say when we’re in the car is, “Mum, I’m hungry.”  Not only does sitting in the back of the family car and not being able to move around create stir-crazy kids - it also seems to create kids [...]

Five New Superfoods You Should Know About

By Guest Dietitian, Dr Joanna McMillan The word superfood is thrown around rather arbitrarily these days – with the trouble being that there’s no scientific definition to be found. But generally, the foods we think of as superfoods are those that give us something a little more exceptional than regular foods in the way of [...]

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How Many Meals Should You Eat a Day?

If you’re feeling a little confused as to how often you should be eating, you’re not alone. The first clue to the answer lies in the word ‘should’: There is no ‘should’. Eating does not come with hard and fast rules – so what works for one person, may not necessarily work for another. Here [...]

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5 Ways to Keep Your Fruit Fresher for Longer

In the second chapter to Dr. Jo’s essential food hacks (in part one, she dished some helpful advice to keeping your vegetables fresher for longer), our guest dietitian and food expert provides five pro-tips to extending the life of your fruit in order to save money and decrease unnecessary waste in the kitchen. 1. Separate [...]

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