To our valued Messy Monkeys community, we wish to advise you of a change in allergen for our Messy Monkeys Cereal and Rice Puff range.

We wish to advise that our Messy Monkeys Cereal range will no longer be suitable for those with an allergy to dairy and our Messy Monkeys Rice Puff Bars are no longer verified as being Gluten Free.

Messy Monkeys Cereal Range

Due to changes in our manufacturing facility with the production of some products that contain milk, a “May contain Milk” statement has been added to our range.

“May contain Milk” changes affect only the following products:

  • Messy Monkeys Berry Shake Cereal 240g
  • Messy Monkeys Choc Crunch Cereal 240g
  • Messy Monkeys Honey Buzz Cereal 240g
  • Messy Monkeys Banana Blast Cereal 220g

Messy Monkeys Rice Puff Bars

Although there has been no change in the formulation of Messy Monkeys Rice Puff Bars, a significant increase in manufacturing volumes in our bar facility has caused difficulties in being able to confidently source certified gluten free raw materials for all our product ranges. For this reason, to ensure the safety of our consumers we have introduced a “May Contain: Gluten-Containing Cereals” allergen statement to our bars.
“May Contain: Gluten-Containing Cereals” changes affect only the following products:

  • Messy Monkeys Berry Rice Puff Bars 96g
  • Messy Monkeys Vanilla Rice Puff Bars 96g
  • Messy Monkeys Chocolate Rice Puff Bars 96g

For a short time, both current and new packaging will be available on shelves as packaging transitions. Freedom Foods strongly encourages people with food allergies to check the product label to ensure the product is right for them.

We take our consumers safety very seriously and we hope you understand a little bit more information about why we made this decision for our Messy Monkey Cereal Range and Rice Puff Bars. If you have any queries, please reach out to us at

Kind regards,

The Messy Monkeys and Freedom Foods team.