We’re a little Type A, but we like it that way

How can we make so many products backed with a ‘free from’ guarantee? By being meticulous micromanagers, to be perfectly honest.

It starts with our ingredients

Who’s in charge of sourcing our ingredients? We are. Our approved supplier program covers and manages our raw material ingredient supplier process from sourcing at the farm to milling in our ‘free from’ home. That way, we know exactly what ingredients we’re using and every product can get our tick of approval.

Our house our rules

All of our cereals and bars are made in our ‘free from’ factory, one of just a few in the world free from wheat, rye, barley and triticale. We monitor what comes in and where it comes from. We run a tight ship, and it pays off in being able to guarantee you the best, safest foods.

Testing, testing, testing

At Freedom Foods, honesty is our promise and when we claim that a product is free from something, we make sure it really is.

We can confidently say every batch of our finished product is tested to ensure that gluten as found in wheat, rye, barley and triticale is not detected.

If you’re looking for details, we’re happy to share them:

The ELISA test for gluten: We have an on-site testing laboratory where our products are tested for allergens using the best available ELISA micro well testing kits on the market. We also use external NATA Certified Food Laboratories to validate our testing methods. Where possible, we’ll use external laboratories that hold a NATA accredited test to perform these validations.

The VITAL (Voluntary Incident Trace Allergen Labelling) system: VITAL is an assessment tool that is used to evaluate the risk of potential allergen contamination during the manufacturing process. Vital is incorporated into our quality management systems, for further information please visit www.allergenbureau.net/vital.