16 April 2018

We have recently worked to re-launch our new Crunchola and Freedom Foods Porridge product ranges to meet better nutrition credentials, true to our mission of Making Food Better.

The new Crunchola and Freedom Foods Porridge products will now be produced in our Dandenong facility, as it is equipped to produce quality Oat Bars, Oat Muesli and Oat Cluster-based cereals and snacks. Allergens such as tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, barley, milk, sesame seeds, soy and lupin are ingredients in some of our range in our Dandenong facility and, as such, depending on processing area and production schedule within the Dandenong site, some products have a precautionary statement. Please always check ingredient list and precautionary allergen statement.

The new Crunchola granola range will replace the previous Crunchola clusters, and will be made in Dandenong South. They will either contain nuts, or contain traces of nuts.

The new Porridge will replace the previous Freedom Foods Porridge, and will also be made in Dandenong South. They will contain traces of nuts.

Our labels will be clearly marked to ensure all our loyal customers have this information prior to launch. These new cereals will clearly communicate on front of pack the following statements:

Our core allergen-free range is still available at all leading retailers including:

This range still remains a core focus for the business at our facility in Leeton, New South Wales. We have some exciting plans in 2018 for new products dedicated to allergen-free credentials, as well as a reformulation of our core range to bring even greater nutritional benefits and taste to the range people know and love.

If you would like to find out more information, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 646 231, or visit us on Facebook or Instagram where we would be happy to answer any of your questions.