Most of us are aware that nutrition is important for our health. We’re bombarded with stories in the media about how much fatter we are getting, how modern diets are slowly killing us, along with compelling advice for the latest fad diet, weight loss secret or superfood that we must eat. Yet amongst all this nutrition noise, we rarely talk about how or why we eat. This is our relationship with food and with our own bodies, and it is just as important as what we eat.

This is what I love about Freedom Foods’ Good Food Karma Index project. I know that what and how you eat affects not just the way you look (and I’m talking more than weight control), but the way you feel and the way you perform both at work and play.

Food and eating has the ability to leave you grumpy, bloated and lethargic, or vibrant, happy and ready to take on your day with fervour. It can make the difference between feeling sparky for a meeting and keeping your concentration all day, having the energy to kick a ball in the park with your kids or hit the dance floor with your mates on a Saturday night.

Good Food Karma is about feeding your body good food, enjoying the process, sharing it with family and friends, and in return reaping the benefits and radiating a more vibrant you. In short, you get back what you put in.

The Good Food Karma Index survey is fun to do, and I hope you enjoy comparing your food personality type with those around you. It might explain a lot of different eating behaviours, even in the same family – an Insta-Eater might be driven up the wall by a partner who is a Taste Seeker!

What I truly hope you do get out of the process is a few tips to improve your Good Food Karma score. Whether that be relaxing and enjoying food a little more, removing the guilt from eating, or making a shift towards including more fresh whole foods in your weekly menu. Good Food Karma recognises that what, how and why we eat all contribute to how good we feel. Good food is there to be enjoyed – bon appétit!

By Guest Dietitian, Dr Joanna McMillan