Looking after your grey matter

While we put a whole lot of care into ensuring we have a healthy body, we mustn’t forget to take care of our minds, too. How do you keep that brain of yours at its best? Physical exercise and a healthy diet will go a long way. Beyond that, here are a few more tips on keeping your mind sharp and happy:

Don’t forget to play. A lot of research has gone into the benefits of relationships to our mental health, and nearly every study comes back with results showing the intersection of relationships and happiness – some studies even suggesting they improve the length of our lives. Investing time in enjoying the company of friends, family, and peers, and participating in hobbies and leisure activities, are great ways to keep our minds healthy.

Exercise your brain. We know that physical exercise is an important part of our mental health, but what we often forget is that our minds need to be exercised, too. Short and sweet daily activities like mental arithmetic, the crossword or just learning a new word work wonders in keeping our mental processes engaged, and maintaining memory and cognitive function as the years go by.

Take time for quiet. Meditation has gone mainstream in recent years. Research into the benefits of meditation is growing, and showing that it may decrease anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia and more. Try spending just five minutes each day in a calm, quiet place where you can focus on your breathing – and see if you feel the positive mental effects.