Cutting out the wheat

A wheat allergy or sensitivity is often confused with gluten intolerance, but there’s an important difference. A wheat-free diet means needing to cut only wheat, while still being able to eat other grains. A gluten-free diet requires avoidance of more foods, as gluten is found in more than just wheat.

Swap this for that

Any new diet plan requires a lifestyle adjustment, which can be made easier if you know which foods you’re allowed to substitute for the ones you’re missing. A wheat-free diet still needs complex carbohydrates for energy, but you can pick out wheat-free varieties of breakfast cereals and bread, and still eat rice, potato and corn/rice pasta.

A note on oats

Can people on a gluten-free diet eat oats? No, in Australia as part of the FSANZ requirements, oats are classified as gluten contains cereals.