Colours and flavours: artificial vs. natural

There’s a great deal of information out there about good and bad colours and flavours, and much of the confusion stems from the messaging. When the packaging says ‘no artificial colours or flavours’, that’s good, but it doesn’t mean that the colours and flavours used are naturally sourced.

The tricky bit

Brands can claim that their products contain no artificial colours and flavours, as long as those used have identical DNA to their natural counterparts.

The difference

Natural colours and flavours are those that have been sourced from nature, rather than made in a lab to appear the same.

UK laws and the ‘Southampton Six’

In the UK, laws were implemented to voluntarily phase out some common food colourings following concerns that they may cause hyperactivity in children. As of yet, some Australian products are still made with the colours in question, without a warning statement.

Those colours are:

  • Tartrazine (E102)
  • Quinoline Yellow (E104)
  • Sunset Yellow (E110)
  • Carmoisine (E122)
  • Ponceau 4R (E124)
  • Allura Red (E129)

The majority of Freedom Foods products use 100% natural colours and flavours, while ALL of our products contain NO artificial colours or flavours.