The facts about genetically modified foods

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are living things whose DNA structure has been altered by the addition of genes from another living thing. There’s ongoing discussion around the topic – with many organisations and government bodies weighing in on the subject, resulting in a high volume of information and little understanding.

What are GM foods, anyway?

Genetic modification allows farmers to ‘improve’ their crops and produce a greater yield in the end. However, these modifications alter the way foods react to environmental factors and chemicals, effectively changing the way they would normally grow.  Some of the most common GM foods are corn and soybeans, two ingredients found in many products on the market today.

The rules of GM

There are standards in place in Australia whereby manufacturers are required to declare if any ingredients have been genetically modified. So if you want to avoid GM ingredients, always check the packaging before you buy.

We’re proud to say that all Freedom Foods products produced in Australia are free of genetically modified ingredients. We adhere to the Food Standards Code of Australia and New Zealand.